The Wellington Academy’s Y7 students had their first Mindfulness Session.
This workshop is right for a teen if they...

  • Are often self-critical

  • Find it difficult to accept compliments

  • Busy focusing on the future rather than the present

  • Would benefit from slowing down

  • Do not reflect on their behaviour

  • Allow their fears to stop them trying new things

A set of sessions, each teaching a distinct mindfulness skill and designed to do so in a way which engages young minds. The lessons typically include a brief presentation by the teacher with the help of lively, friendly visuals, film or sound images, a student workbook and practical exercises and demonstrations to make the ideas vivid and relevant to their lives. We will be doing yoga, mindful breathing and practice meditation.


Mrs Leadbeater has been leading the floristry enrichment on a Wednesday afternoon. Last week students made posies and designed their own wrapping paper.
The group will be working on Valentines bouquets and Easter table centre pieces.

Great work floristry group!

Mrs Bennett

Hair & Beauty

Year 8 and 9 students have been enjoying the new hair and beauty course as part of the Enrichment carousel. Students have been tinting, practising manicures and various hairstyles. They are keen to invite clients into the beauty salon over the next few months.

Well done!